Exhaustion and short tempered a little.

Hey Zofties!!!!

I’m sleepy as fuck as I am typing this on my phone… Please do not hold the typos against me!!!!

I’ve been exhausted before, but lately I have been exhausted on another level… I don’t think I’ve really slept in a long time… My schedule has been a little chaotic and it doesn’t allow me a lot of time to sleep. I’m usually up by 5 or 6 am to get to work. I work from 9 am to about 6pm… After work, there’s school.. I’m a college student and class usually lasts until 10pm… Which means, by the time I end up getting home, it’s already 12 in the morning. Most of the time, I’m not getting sleep until 2am.

That’s my schedule… I left out my weekend class schedule, because it’s when I tell people that I have class on Saturday that they feel
Sorry for me… I don’t get a lot of sleep… I think that it’s starting to take its toll on me a little. I’m short tempered all the time. I’m always falling asleep at my desk at work… And I never have enough energy to have sex. But I’m always horny.

I’m trying not to get into a creative rut.. I’ve gotten good feedback from a lot of you guys for my blog and I’m trying not to write to “PLEASE” anyone.. I’m just trying to stay in my zone and write “MY TRUTH” I want to try and keep things about my experiences and not ENTERTAIN. I remember doing a fashion blog a year ago. The blog became very popular, but the demand to post great stuff started to become overwhelming. It had gotten to the point where, I would post to see what response I would get. After a while, I stopped posting, my thoughts drove me nuts. With this blog, it’s all about me experience… I want to hear from people and their experiences with antidepressants, It doesn’t have to be Zoloft.

Friday night, I didn’t take my Zozo and on Saturday, I had forgotten to take it. Must admit, the mood swings are horrible. I think I cussed out a lot of people on Saturday! Especially, the people at Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, NJ. I wasn’t looking to cuss anyone out…. It just happened! There was this one chick in Sephora, she had it coming.

Then there was me being a little short with Christina. It’s really not her (all that much) it’s just that I feel like I want to be exhausted and not feel like shit for saying I’m exhausted.

Maybe the Zoloft has changed the way I handle situations… Before, if I were mad at Christina, I would answer the phone and pretend that I wasn’t mad at all.. Now, even though I not mad at her, just a little exhausted. I don’t have the patience to be on the phone for an hour talking about anything… That’s not just with Christina, that’s with anyone. I have stopped keeping my phone close to me. I don’t really care to keep the ringer on either. My phone is always on silent.

Anyway, I’m getting sleepy.. Not sure if it’s the wine or the fact that I took a Zozo and hour ago… Either way, I’m
Faded and I’m fading.

I want to dedicate this post to Beaver! Thanks for caring if I had gotten rest….
To everyone else, I can’t wait for my post tomorrow… Hugs and sweet Zozo kisses to all of u!!!


Love u Zofties!



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