The next day, (part 2. The Beginning)

The day after my first dose of Zoloft… I felt exhaustion like no other. I was weak, sleepy, fuzzy.. I think I yawned every 30 seconds… I had diarrhea and nausea like crazy. Zoloft wasn’t my favorite pill in the bottle. However, I knew that side effects normally go away. So I stuck with it for a few more days.

By the third day, I had gotten used to the diarrhea and nausea. Actually, I looked forward to the nausea! It was a way of letting me know that the meds were working.. And by the fifth day, I swear, I woke up with energy and a little bit of optimism. This is going to work. It had to work…

I had realized that Zoloft could work if you keep a great mindset… A lot of the people who had written bad things about Zoloft on the Internet, had went searching for bad things about the drug.. We all know that when you look for bad things, you will find bad things.

I started this blog to truthfully document my experience with Zoloft. I wanted to finally capture my own honest Internet review as the days go by…. I’m certain that some day, I will be depressed and mad… But im certain that they will be days where I am going to be crazy and energetic….
Either wa, I will share it…


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