Me and Zozo

untitled On the sixth day of my Zoloft experience, I realized that most of the side effects that I had heard about, I didn’t even experience. I had the nausea and diarrhea. I had gotten the exhaustion and frequent yawning. But I didn’t experience the “brain zaps.” Although, I’m not sure what a brain zap might feel like. I did end up getting a sexual side effect that frustrated me… I had to put more effort into having an orgasm… That’s fine. I can go forever in bed; my boyfriend didn’t see this as an issue. He enjoys the workout… However, I am a full-time student and I am employed full-time. I am usually home by 12 am everynight. If im not exhausted… (I am always exhausted) and I decide to have sex. I want to get inside of Russell and release, then get out and go to sleep…
The romance and foreplay bullshit can come on the weekends when I have two hours to spare. But my issue is, I’m a guy. There are times when I simply do not want to have sex with my partner or anyone else. There are times when I want to make myself nut… (It’s the truth… If you can’t deal with it, read another blog. ) In these times, I have to work a lot harder to bring myself to that point… Here’s what you should know about me. I refuse to try hard to make myself nut…. Especially, since I have been so unpopular with the boys my whole life… I’d be damned if I’m playing “Hard to get” with myself…. That wasn’t going to fly with me…
But I got through my first encounter with my boyfriend with flying colors. After that, I thought, “I will just have to let him do this for me, because I refuse to wear myself out.”
I guess as I become more adjusted to the Zoloft, the sexual side effects will subside… However, I can say, that I feel more upbeat and it’s been three weeks now… I’ve even nicknamed Zoloft as Zozo!!! At first her name was Zoey… Now it’s Zozo. She’s like my bestie now. Me and Zozo go everywhere together….


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